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We’ve recently been close to someone who has been in ICU with covid. With all the paraphernalia attached, there is one crucial element – the small TV we’ve all seen on ER and the like. It is the monitor, the real-time dashboard, of everything that is going on in the person. It is the dipstick […]


In Part 1 of our blog, we took a look at Sub-prime and unpacked its cause, the effect, and some learnings. I proceed in Part 2 with covid, in similar vein. In the final analysis, I make a few comparisons between the two global events and suggest some learnings. I dare not say, for future […]


There’s an old saying: The show’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings. But that said, this year is drawing to a close and I’m reminded that there are comparisons to be made between Sub-Prime and Covid, even at this incomplete stage. So, this two-part blog attempts to make some pertinent comparisons – both those […]


This will be my last blog in November. There’s a sense of Christmas in the air although, in Hermanus, Christmas is always in the air except when it’s Easter ☺ Christmas remains in the air as regards the property market! No winding down there! Considering that Australia sells 90% of its property by auctions, the […]


Once again, I cannot improve on the information provided by JP Landman in his 3 November publication. Every credit to him in this blog. It is unusually titled WYSIATI which we’ll allow him to explain: WYSIATI /’VE-SI-HA-TI/ 3 NOVEMBER 2020 Psychologist Daniel Kahneman was awarded the Nobel for economics for his work on how we […]


I receive daily screen dumps from one of my associates which show me many aspects of the markets, the exchange rates of our major currencies, the price of Bonds and the movement of each of these. I’m not a fundi when it comes to these measures but I know red means down and green means […]


A long-overdue burst of good news is required in this blog. Not only because it’s required but because the news is good….if that makes sense? I receive a regular email “From the desk of Dr Andrew Golding”. Apart from his natural, positive style, he relays excellent information for on- and offshore properties. But what really […]


In Part 1 we spoke about interest rates which are so topical at this point in time, across the globe. Japan became the first major economy to adopt a Zero, [and even negative in January 2016], interest rate policy in 1999 as the Bank of Japan sought to stop a slide into deflation by making […]


Global interest rates are so topical these days. In a world where the stock markets react to R-factor news, especially second-waves, stimulus packages and seemingly ignore joblessness and the general economy, interest rates play a huge part. Traditionally, Reserve Banks, apart from their general economic well-being mandate, are established to determine the interest rate and […]


Welcome to Spring! Can already feel a change in the mood although, I must admit, Spring Day was a glorious snow and washout in our parts. No wonder the Cape has dams over 90% full and our own little version in the Valley is at 80% – the highest it has been since we arrived […]