I’m sure you tire of me sometimes. So, as a direct copy which I don’t often do, I want to expose two articles for a re-read if you’ve seen them already. The credit therefore, belongs to the experts who are quoted and to FIN24 for bringing the news and views to us.

John Loos talking about a “slight stir” is really good news. We know about the levelling of prices with the exception of one Province, but if the banks can keep their sense of credit and the economy can give us the 1%+ that is likely, that may even grow into a “rustle in the trees” for every estate agent. What I certainly can tell you where I stay is that there is no stock and a house my friend bought one week ago for R2.5m was on the market for one week and had four other buyers behind him. Another friend bought a stand one year ago for R500000 and turned down offers early in January for R300000 more. Finally, my conveyancer friend is still really busy. That’s all my friends [just joking!] but it feels like a rustle in the trees to me.

The views of icons of the property industry are extremely interesting. These are men who lead massive businesses, are professionals with years of experience. Their views are paramount.

Enjoy the read………….

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