Welcome to the Homeloan Junction Blog

Welcome to the Homeloan Junction Blog

Starting a blog on property is daunting for me. There are so many great people out there with the most amazing knowledge of the property industry. In fact, I welcome their input into the blog as we proceed.

There are lots of articles  about swimming pools, maintenance and the need for it so as to retain value.

But I wanted to start at a point and compliment the role players in this industry. Those men and women, from labourers to billionaire owners, who wake up every day with a passion to drive property. In essence, what you provide is the residence for business, people and families. None of us would be comfortable and clean in the absence of a roof over our head and a bed and shower to use. Little matters more than housing and food to an individual.

The cycle begins with Developers who take the risk to provide housing. From the multi-million to the Affordable unit. Great risk and not always great reward. It was tragic in the sub-Prime crisis that the Banks withdrew finance to these developers – the suppliers of “housing to the nation”. In hindsight with the dust settled, it seems that we lost sight for a few years on the national asset of housing and couldn’t really see the crisis clearly. As we talk more, we will see that the environment has changed and now affordable housing is going up at an exponential rate.

Then the Estate Agents and their Principals. What an amazing group of people – frustrating to some sellers but nonetheless, the reason why 98% of our houses and factories are sold with contractual efficiency. I think they’re great and the few that upset, well, so be it. the firms that I know are professional to the nth degree and deliver as specialists.

To the Banks, Conveyancers and the Deeds Office, you are the glue ensuring finance and strong title in a world class manner.

Look forward to hearing from you in due course.

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