4 Brilliant Old School Property Tips

You’re thinking of selling your property, but how will you get the best price? The value of your property is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay for it at any given time. If a prospective buyer wishes to raise a home loan to purchase your property, the assessors of the financial provider will need to find sufficient value in your property to merit financial assistance. Will they find this value in your property?

Tune In To the Market

Speak to the professionals and obtain an unbiased and professional opinion on the estimated value of your property. Estate agents will possibly be happy to grant this visit and give their evaluation of your property freely.

However, you might have to pay for the professional advice of others you might engage, such as an engineer, if you are unsure of certain existing or proposed new building structures. You will need to ensure that your property is cleared in terms of the certificates of compliance: electrical and termite soundness.

In accordance with the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), all information must be disclosed to a prospective buyer. It would be wise to maintain and repair while living in your home and not to not allow it to deteriorate over time, which could ultimately prove costly.

Good Old-Fashioned Tips for Adding Value before Selling

  • Professional Opinion
    Paying for a consultation with a professional could be well worth the upfront cost and add value when a buyer applies for a home loan. Persons with a trained eye and experience will quickly realise which changes will make an enormous impact. The removal of a wall can create an impression of space and give an updated open-plan appearance to a home, which could translate into a quicker sale at a better price.

    It is advisable to have serious alterations performed by professional workmen. The quality of the repairs will be evident in the time saved and value added to your home.

  • Bathrooms
    Bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms that date a home and are especially important in a selling market. An olive green bath, toilet and basin in a setting of busy brownish coloured tiles, is enough to trigger a bout of depression.

    Entering a bathroom with pristine white porcelain set against neutral light stone-coloured tiles and effectively lighting, immediately creates images of relaxing in a bubble bath, sipping a glass of wine and listening to Andrea Bocelli…

  • Kitchens
    The amount of time spent in the kitchen cannot be denied. Crowded, sad-looking work areas, insufficient light and undersized storage spaces will kill off any Master Chef aspirations in anyone.

    Repaint the cupboard carcass but think about replacing the doors. If the doors are wooden perhaps sanding them with a fresh coat of varnish will restore the original glow. Textured paint finishes were the trend a while ago; but today consider having a white, or neutral coloured, coat of paint professionally applied to the cupboard doors.  The state of the counter tops should also be taken into account.

    It might be prudent to allow certain appliances that have custom-built spaces, such as a really large double-door fridge, to remain as an added incentive to the buyer. Besides, it would probably be difficult to accommodate it in your new home.

  • Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
    This is a proverb which should take you back to your old school days when you had to learn lists of sayings, and it is brilliant advice when selling a property. Nothing comes close to discouraging a buyer as does dirt, clutter and bad odour.

    Firstly, pack away the clutter. Yes, you have been meaning to get to it, but now is the time to do it. Sell it; give it away or if you are unsure: pack it up, hire a storage garage and put all “clutter”, including excess furniture, out of sight. The importance of visual space cannot be over emphasised. Your home will be lighter, brighter and appealing without subjecting buyers to visual overload.

    Why does your home smell old and musty? Is there damp to be dealt with; do the carpets need to be removed or is it too crowded with furniture, books and belongings? If the task appears daunting, hire an interior decorator or professional cleaners for help.

    You will be given advice on how to put your space and furniture to effective use. Professional cleaners will not only pack away excess goods but will bring in a cleaning team and soon have your home fresh and sparkling.

  • De- Personalise Your Home
    The truth of the matter is that others are not as interested in your special mementos, family photographs and Aunt Susan’s grotesque ‘silver’ vase you keep so as not to offend her. Your prospective buyers will want to imagine themselves in the home, adding their own personal touches, valuables and belongings.

An opinion is formed within the first few seconds of contact. This is true, especially when viewing a property. A beautiful approach and entrance to a property will win anyone over leaving them anxious to discover more. A tidy, well laid out and cared for garden is an asset to work on. A well-presented clean home with a wow entrance and approach will be a sure winner in acquiring a home loan for the property you have fallen in love with.

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