How Real Estate Agents Can Help You

Homeloan Junction is an established home loan origination company that has been in the property market since 2003. Our relationships are of the utmost significance to us and we focus on carefully nurturing them. Our invitation to join us extends to customers, banks and financial institutions, conveyancers and estate agents, all of whom we work closely with to ensure you receive outstanding service with long-term benefits.

Why Join Homeloan Junction?

You will begin your one-stop-business-journey to purchasing a new property when you join Homeloan Junction. Our experienced consultants keep themselves informed of the latest trends and developments in the property market which enables us to advise you according on your specific needs.

Our business connections allow us to submit your loan application to 9 different banks. Our knowledge of their products will make certain that you receive the best deal possible under our guidance. We will assist with all the paper work and other details involved, saving you time, effort and the frustration of dealing with a number of different banks.

Perhaps you have not yet set your heart on a property but have been exploring the size of the bond you would qualify for to enable you to look to buy in the correct price bracket. Our online calculators will enable you to estimate the affordability, savings, bond and transfer fees of your future homeloan. We have much information to help you in making this significant decision. Please take time to browse our website.

Working With An Estate Agent

We work closely with estate agents and value their knowledge, experience and assistance in finding you, the home of your dreams. Here are 5 tips to getting the most from your Estate Agent:

Tip #1 Do You Come First?

Working with the right estate agent is important as buying a home is a sensitive and emotional experience. You need to feel comfortable with the agent and confident that they understand what your needs are. You will soon pick up if the agent you are working with identifies with your requirements and the type of home you wish to live in. If you are repeatedly shown unsuitable property, they don’t understand you. It usually pays to stick with one agent that you work well with until you find your purchase.

Tip #2 Do They Have A Good Track Record?

Make sure that you chose a reputable real estate company, and an agent, with track records that they are proud of. Don’t be afraid to ask about accreditation and test their knowledge of the area and prices by asking about property recently sold. They are normally linked to multi-listing which gives them a broad base from which to choose suitable homes to show you. They might even email you a number of properties to look at and receive your feedback on to better gauge your preferences and taste.

Tip #3 How Good Is Their Local Knowledge?

There are advantages to working with someone who specialises in an area and knows it well. They will have knowledge on the public transport, schools, shops and sporting facilities that most families will no doubt need. A worthy agent will be on good terms with other agents and realise the benefit this holds to those in the industry. They will also know about all the homes for sale, those about to be sold and what other agencies have on their books. In a case such as this, they will share the sale and happy to do so if the client finds their home.

Tip #4 Are They On Your Side?

Agents work on commission and in most cases represent the seller, which is understandable as they pay the estate agent’s fee. Be sure that the agent you chose to work with will also act for you by putting forward your questions, negotiating with the seller and disclosing any relevant information. An estate agent is required to act on your instruction but sometimes will impart alternative suggestions for you to consider. Real estate agencies have recourse to legal advice and they will advise you when they feel that you need a lawyer should things not run smoothly.

Tip #5 Do They Have Helpful Connections?

A good estate agent will be knowledgeable about municipal requirements if you wish to make alterations or carry our renovations. They will also know of qualified engineers, builders, contractors and workmen to refer you to which would be helpful if you are new to the area.

A Sweet Ending

Finding an estate agent who will take an interest in you and put in every effort to see a happy client at this stressful time in their lives is really the cherry on top when it comes to house hunting. To make sure that you don’t end up in a gingerbread house, let Homeloan Junction help you secure the best home loan and terms available. We have a 70% approval rate on all home loans we put forward.

Homeloan Junction’s head office is situated in Gauteng but we have branches and consultants in 7 provinces and in cities throughout the country. You could even join Homeloan Junction and enjoy a career as an independent homeloan originator under our training, guidance, using our products and network.