Affordable housing market [ Important Message]

Affordable housing market [ Important Message]

This blog has taken little effort but the message is so important for those of us in the home loan industry that, if you have not read it, you need to.

Three reasons why:

  1. If the country is housing its people, that’s good. People don’t break what they own, generally. If the property gains in value, they have an asset to increase their wealth. Whilst doing this, their creditworthiness increases which could assist them to access borrowing for brown and white goods. In short, the economy grows and further jobs result.
  2. More homes for different target markets will be built and our shack dwellings will decrease. How cool would that be! Dignity for our people and, on a smaller scale with millions more people, the same virtuous cycle above.
  3. Knowing this, you can direct your sales attention to the mass market. Hard work we know but those that I know are doing it, find it lucrative. Opportunity in the wings!

Here is the article from Moneyweb, 12 August 2015:


Affordable housing market sparkles


CAHF report: since 2011, bonded sales in the R300 000 to R600 000 category rose faster than others.

Ray Mahlaka  | 12 August 2015 |

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