5 tips to selling your home fast!

5 tips to selling your home fast!

When selling your home fast is your top priority, it pays to get tips from the experts.

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to sell your home in a hurry, and not being able to.  It could be that you want to move to another part of South Africa to start a new job or improve your career prospects, or maybe you want to be nearer to a family member? It could even be that you’re moving abroad, but if you can’t sell your home, it might feel like your dreams are drifting away.

A home buyer’s journey can be an exciting adventure, starting by getting yourself prequalified for a homeloan to searching for a property. You don’t want the challenge of selling your home to ruin your chances of buying the perfect property, so how do you make it happen?

How can you get your home sold, and fast?

Life moves at a giddy pace, and spending months waiting to sell your place so that you can move on, can seem like torture. And what if, in that time, your dream home is snapped up by someone else?

Homeloan Junction’s tips take the headache out of home selling.  Not only can you rely on our national team to prequalify you for a homeloan for your new property, you can start your house hunt right away, knowing that you are doing the right things to get your current property sold fast.

Here are 5 tips on how to quickly sell your home and make the most of a homeloan to buy a new and better property.

Price To Sell

To sell your home fast, you’ll need to price it competitively.  Take the time to do your homework. Look at similar properties in your area: how much are they going for, which price range is selling quickly and which is remaining on the books? Use this as a guide to pricing your own home, but don’t be afraid to take advice from the professionals.

Use The Power Of The Internet

Busy South Africans, especially those serious about buying property quickly are avoiding time-consuming personal property viewings. The trend is to take virtual tours of properties that are advertised online. Take advantage of this trend, and advertise your property online with photos and a video tour.  Without the inconvenience of a show day, you will be reaching serious buyers actively searching for a property just like yours.

Make First Impressions Count

In today’s competitive housing market, South African buyers are quick to compare properties. To sell your home quickly, you’ll need to take a fresh look at it. Does your home deliver? If you’ve lived there a long time it can be easy to become blind to what it actually looks like.

Someone looking at it for the first time is likely to notice the flaws that you no longer see – like the half-painted wall in the bathroom or the marks on the carpet in the lounge.

Walk around your home and take a good look at it. Is the driveway weed-free? Are the bathrooms fresh and clean?

Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes, and ask yourself what could be improved. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure that your property looks inviting.

Get Help From The Experts

When it comes to selling your property in a hurry, a professional estate agent can be your best friend. They can help you simplify the process that comes with buying and selling property. Just how do you find a great estate agent? One way is to talk to your bond originator, as not only do they provide homeloans, they also have long standing relationships with estate agents, and are able to recommend agents that have a great track record.

 Get Prequalified for a Homeloan

The South African economy is starting to rise again from the dip caused by the global economic slump, that’s good news for our country’s housing market. Nevertheless, some people find it hard to get the funds they need in order to buy a new home. That’s where the services of a bond originator such as Homeloan Junction can prove invaluable, let us give you buying power by prequalifying you for a homeloan.

How did you fall in love with your home? Was it quite by accident, or have you been looking for  some time? The trouble is, once you’ve found the home you really, truly want … how will you sell the one you already own? By following these 5 simple, yet effective, tips you can be in your new ideal home quicker than you imagined possible.

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