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I remember when I first came into mortgage finance. I could not believe the seasonal nature of Bonds. Shakespeare and John Steinbeck took the theme to professional extremes. But for now, to read at the fire with a glass of red wine, is Shakespeare from Richard III: Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer […]


I listened to some interviews on the way to the gym about experts’ opinions of Freedom. Added to those, it must be the day itself that got me thinking about the Freedom we enjpy. Can you remember where you voted? Mine was at Constantia Kloof Primary School in Roodepoort. The day was 27 April 1994. The […]

WOW! – The news this week has been off the charts.

The World Bank has increased the global growth rate prediction from 3.8 to 3.9%. Doesn’t look like much but extrapolated across the world, that’s huge. CR has appointed a super-Team to trawl the leading investors for $1tn in Investment in South Africa. Some of the finest networks, the greatest minds and the cleanest hands in […]


It is not profound to say that good news is better than bad news but, my goodness, the statement in property that there is some good news is very profound. The reason, as we’ve discussed many times, is that Confidence is the primary yeast of mortgage book building and mortgages mean house sales. In addition, […]


The beautiful seaside town of Hermanus has not been spared the ravages of land invasions. The accusation is that people have waited for houses for 20 years and are now completely impatient. Having the unrest close to you is nerve-racking and our hearts went out to the peaceful residents who live in Zwelishle. As is so […]


In this blog, we cover an issue upon which I am biased. I admit that upfront so that no illusions are created. The issue is full title standalone housing versus sectional title homes. The recent FNB Property Barometer gives some insight into this phenomenon and we quote as follows: “The Sectional Title Housing Market Segment continues to […]


My humble opinion? The Budget was a good one. Flowery finmin Gigaba and his new President have inherited a mess from his predecessor. Whichever way you cut it, the Budget needed to make the best of a bad situation. We cannot but wonder how the estimated R700bn [per Pravin Gordhan’s estimate, I read] corruption and wasted expenditure could […]


The Western Cape is in the throes of the worst drought in its history. Cape Town is about to be the first city in the world to face Day Zero. That is, the day that taps are turned off other than for strategic sites; that too, as long as water remains in the dams. Volumes have been […]


I loved reading John Loos’ Property Barometer – 2017. John, together with Jacques du Toit of ABSA , is one of the most experienced property market commentators in South Africa. His Barometers are both scientific and appealing. Bad news when revealed, but also good when the tide turns. I am always also struck by “what could have […]


This blog is a bit late for the New Year but Happy New Year in any case. I don’t feel too bad because I’m sure most of you reading this went to work last Monday but only got to work today 🙂 Two stories from my town to introduce some points on leadership…… We have […]