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We’re continuing with our series about LIFE, using the acronym, in the last blog we looked at Live [and a-Live]. I really appreciated the feedback from some of you! Today, I’m going to write about LOVE. I remember once being in the UNISA library looking for a book on Smiles and to my surprise, I […]


I’m sitting here looking out on my garden through newly cleaned glass stack doors and the sun is bright, the wind almost nothing and everything is shiny after the rain a day ago. Birds are tweeting and the francolin is screeching over her chicks; even our yappy dogs in the neighbourhood are quiet. Our sausage dog has got […]


Boy, do we have an interesting market at this stage in the game. Our gut would tell us that the property market is slowing. Recession, politics and pessimism [RPP] all seem to indicate the obvious, but in some of the recent reports received from Homeloan Junction, some great contradictions appear to be happening. Make no […]


Just for a change, I have posted an article that appeared in the latest Standpoint which is compiled by Stanlib (Volume 4:15 October, 2018) for their clients. The article is not solely about the residential property, but it gives us such a good overview of the property industry and serves well to make the point that economic growth is […]


Sitting down to write this blog, I need to pinch myself at the state of the market. It really has proven resilient and prevails despite the much bad news. In its August Origination overview, ooba states that: “Application volumes for August 18 were 4.3% higher mom and 10.5% lower YoY.” That’s very good against the news, and just a […]


“Sorry, seems to be the hardest word.” That’s how the song goes. But in my last blog, I said sorry for over-estimating the rise in Joburg prices this year and the GDP growth of the country :-(! Let’s have a look at the property market in this blog. I still think that we’re being let […]


Earlier in the year I stuck my neck out and said that Joburg would show an 8% notional increase in house prices and implied it would be hot property news. Not so, I’m afraid. Sorry. Then, I stuck my neck out [with the IMF as I’ve said in a previous email], and said we’d grow at 1.7%. […]

MAURITIUS 2018 [Part 2]

In our previous blog, I began writing on the plane to Mauritius with the 2018 Winners. Over the next 5 days, I spoke to them about what it takes to be a winner, some recent in their success and for others, simply a trail of achievement over years. We continue with the theme… “She taught […]


I am on a plane to Mauritius. How privileged am I to be included in a group of Homeloan Junction and Ooba Winners who have shot the lights out in 2017! I did nothing, they did everything to be here.  We have first-timers, people who have never flown internationally before. We have golden oldies, those who have […]

QUO VADIS? (Where are you going?)

The extract from FNB’s Property Barometer for July 2018 below leaves me posing the subject’s question. We started out so positively with Ramaphoria taking hold of us, our stock markets, Rating Agencies and the property market. The other day, I read an article in which this term was called Ramaphobia by mistake; it could have been […]