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My humble opinion? The Budget was a good one. Flowery finmin Gigaba and his new President have inherited a mess from his predecessor. Whichever way you cut it, the Budget needed to make the best of a bad situation. We cannot but wonder how the estimated R700bn [per Pravin Gordhan’s estimate, I read] corruption and wasted expenditure could […]


The Western Cape is in the throes of the worst drought in its history. Cape Town is about to be the first city in the world to face Day Zero. That is, the day that taps are turned off other than for strategic sites; that too, as long as water remains in the dams. Volumes have been […]


I loved reading John Loos’ Property Barometer – 2017. John, together with Jacques du Toit of ABSA , is one of the most experienced property market commentators in South Africa. His Barometers are both scientific and appealing. Bad news when revealed, but also good when the tide turns. I am always also struck by “what could have […]


This blog is a bit late for the New Year but Happy New Year in any case. I don’t feel too bad because I’m sure most of you reading this went to work last Monday but only got to work today 🙂 Two stories from my town to introduce some points on leadership…… We have […]


Well, it’s happened!! Just sitting here listening to the de-brief of what took place has caused me to rise and write this blog immediately. I am still to write a synopsis of the property market in 2017. Those who have been reading me during the year know that I will be positive. Not in the sense that […]


In our previous blog we explored the notion of Distraction and its associates, “Procrastination” and “Important”. In this blog we’ll discuss an old term, Opportunity Cost. On BBC, there is a programme, The Chase. It is a quiz show with a panel of normal people who pit themselves against a brilliant expert in general knowledge. At a point in […]


A blog for the honest readers amongst us 🙂 Who doesn’t know this word? It is the cousin of Procrastination and the bedfellow of Important. In fact, anything in life, personal or business, which takes more time to perfect than a morning cup of instant coffee, can go from Important to Distraction in seconds. If […]


Just for a break, let’s look at and consider one of the oldest learning forms known to Man. I believe it has enormous relevance in a modern day, South Africa. Let’s check out the trusted Wikipedia for the definition and then unpack it for our and others’ benefit. Mentorship,, [the art and skill of Mentoring…my words], […]

The Medium Term Budget Process

The medium-term budget speech on Wednesday was the first by our new aspiring-to-be-president Finance Minister. I could not help but wonder if, between the position he has been given and the nuclear rush [so it seems], he has not been given a poison chalice by his incumbent president. The Medium-term Budget Process….. I remember the […]


The following excerpts from FNB’s Agent Survey are copied for information. These trends do little for estate agents’ and originators’ motivation but they do allow us to reflect on what’s going on and our reaction to it. Carry On Up the Khyber [Khyber] was the kind of comedy I grew up on. The Carry On […]