#4 – Efficiency

Efficiency: Our service is free and our process as simple and fast as possible. –www.homeloanjunction.co.za


#3 – Convenience

Convenience: We respect your time, come to you and remain available throughout the process –www.homeloanjunction.co.za


#2 – Choice

Our Commitment to you #2 – Choice: We give you options and choices that prove so important to the biggest investment of your life. –www.homeloanjunction.co.za


#1 – Integrity

Integrity. Have a look at our website or contact us for more details on how we can become your trusted homeloan partner –www.homeloanjunction.co.za


Our Latest Branded Vehicle

We’re very proud of our new Homeloan Junction branded Vehicle – Have you spotted us out and about in Cape Town?


Join Our Team!

Join our Team – We will consult with you to build your business and increase your footprint in the market. – Contact us info@hljunction.co.za or view our benefits here – http://homeloanjunction.co.za/benefits


Commercial Loans – the investment of a lifetime!

Commercial Loans – the investment of a lifetime! However commercial property finance is highly specialised. Let us guide you through the process –www.homeloanjunction.co.za


BRIDGING FINANCE – Finance when you need it Most!
A short-term loan that enables you to pay for important property costs when you do not have immediate access to your own funds. Contact Us for more info – www.homeloanjunction.co.za


Let someone else pay off your property!

Let someone else pay off your property! Buy-to-Let is popular worldwide for investment offering great returns that could even be used to supplement your retirement funds. We apply for you and take you through the process step-by-step. For more info go to www.homeloanjunction.co.za